# Skill Coaching Points Drill Video
1 Stance & Motion Balls of feet, careful not to get much weight on toes or heels, forward leg blocking arm, backward leg tap arm, circle, never get feel close or crossed. Circle and tap both ways with a partner Motion Video
2 Snap Down Go Behind From a tie position, snap opponent down, clear opposite leg, keep weight on opponent, using tricep and posting head with farm arm spin around grabbing hamstring or ankle and Snap down Go Behind Snap Down Go Behind
3 Blast Double Setup, Change levels, shoot deep keeping hips underneath shoulders, interlace hands on calfs and put head into chest, drive forward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1vgjBx5ISs
4 Tight Waste Far Ankle From top position go to a tight waste with the front arm and grab the far ankle with the back arm. Keeping pressure drive forward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5IgN8yB2MY
5 Wrist Tie
6 Half Nelson
7 Outside Single Leg Set it up from a tie and motion usualy, when there front leg and your same side front leg are both up that is your opportunity to take a shot. Get in deep, even behind the foot with the front knee if possible. Front shoulder goes into their chest. Push off back foot to lift. Grab leg with front palm up. Eleveate to get to the ankle. If they put their foot between your legs, step back with the outside foot prior to elevating. Finsh by circling, turning knee over, and pushing in. Can also trip or table top. Tie and motion to outside single. Outside Single
8 Spin Drill
9 Head Snap Snap to Double
10 Double Leg
Far Knee and Ankle Breakdown
12 Head Lock
13 Pop and Chop (cheap tilt)
14 Back Trip Cannot find a video
15 Short Sit
16 Hip Dump
17 Whizzers
18 Headlock Counters
19 Spiral Ride
20 Cross Face (Far Side) Cradle and Bundle
21 Fakes
22 Base Drills
23 Setup Videos Burroughs Post Shoulder Snap Head Acrossed
24 Defeating Half
25 Peak Out/Knee Slide
26 Stack/ 3/4’s Nelson
27 Firemans
28 Head Lever
Building Base especially for big guys
30 Chicken Wing (Arm Bar)
31 Bridge off Back
32 Wilkins (Cow Catcher)
33 Duck Under
34 High Duck to Bear Hug Big Guy Moves